Join Us at the Lansing Center
to hear from
Dr. William Atkinson from the Immunization Action Coalition,
Dr. Carolyn B. Bridges from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and more!
Continuing Education Disclosures
CME Educational Disclosures
Conference Materials
Vaccine Update - W. Atkinson, MD, MPH
Setting-Specific: College/University - L. Ailstock, PA-C
Setting-Specific: Internal Medicine - J. McFadden, MD, MPH
Setting-Specific: OB/GYN - B. Gonik, MD
Setting-Specific: Pharmacy - G. Pratt, RPh
Setting-Specific: Health Plan - J. Haskins, IV, MPH
Setting-Specific: Occupational Health/Health Care Personnel - M. Upfal, MD, MPH
Federal Adult Immunization Program Update - C. Bridges, MD
Michigan Adult Immunization Program & Resources - C. Londo, MA
MDCH Update: Vaccine-Preventable Disease Update - J. Blostein, MPH
MDCH Update: Storage and Handling - T. Adams, RN, BSN
MDCH Update: Immunization Tips and Tools - B. Wolicki, RN, BSN
Call to Action - R. Swanson, MPH